We are happy to provide you the presentations of the WF-RepTool day, October 14, 2014, held as webinar:

Part 'general/strategic interests'
What is the advantage of WF-RepTool for me as a take back system?
Recupel - advantages take back system.pptx Evelien De Ridder, Recupel
RoRec - advantages take back system.ppt Luciana Vasile, RoRec
What is the advantage of WF-RepTool for (me as) a treatment partner?
Recupel - advantages treatment partner.pptx Evelien De Ridder, Recupel
Coolrec - WF-RepTool view treatment partner.pptx Tom Caris, Coolrec
What is the advantage of WF-RepTool for me as an auditor?
Advantages auditor.ppt Renate Gabriel, TB-Gabriel
WF-RepTool costs
Costs.pptx Willi Haghofer, Haghofer Software-Eng.
Confidentiality of data
Recupel - confidentiality of data.pptx Evelien De Ridder, Recupel
Wecycle - confidentiality of data .pptx Hendrik Bijker, Wecycle
Part 'practical interests'
Output/final fractions
Output-final fractions.ppt Renate Gabriel, TB-Gabriel
How to handle missing data?
Wecycle - missing data.pptx Hendrik Bijker, Wecycle
How to handle missing data.ppt Renate Gabriel, TB-Gabriel
Data quality
Wecycle - data quality.pptx Hendrik Bijker, Wecycle
What is the output of WF-RepTool?
Output of WF-RepTool.ppt Renate Gabriel, TB-Gabriel
What are main issues to be considered for application of WF-RepTool model 2?
Model 2.pptx Hendrik Bijker, Wecycle
What are main issues of harmonization of use?
What are main issue of harmonization of use.ppt Luciana Vasile, RoRec
How to use packages?
Packages.pptx Evelien De Ridder, Recupel
How to use tasks?
How to use tasks.ppt Renate Gabriel, TB-Gabriel
How to compare data?
How to compare data.ppt Luciana Vasile, RoRec
What means 'Agent feature'?
Agent feature.pptx Willi Haghofer, Haghofer Software-Eng.