We are happy to provide you presentations on the WF-RepTool:

... which is a long presentation explaining a bit about the history & development of the WF-RepTool, the core elements of the structure, our way of determining results and - at the end - some screen shots of our tool,

... which is a short version regarding points to be considered when starting to use the tool and some hints on the use.

Of course for both presentations I, Renate Gabriel, give a lot of examples when doing any individual training, but having a look at them may also give you some ideas on our tool and it's use when you do it 'alone'.

... where we collected most popular strategic and practical questions and tried to answer them within a webinar held on October 14th.

... which is a series of presentations held at the WF-RepTool experience day October 10, 2013 in Amsterdam. Several collective systems as well as treatment operators give information on their expierences with using WF-RepTool. Furthermore you will find the view of an authority being involved in controlling WF-RepTool data as well as an overview about latest developments of the WF-RepTool.