The update of the new program version for the WF-RepTool has been finished. Core elements of the new program version 4.0 are:

  • The integration all background data to be able to generate WF-RepTool reports under the requirements of the 'new' WEEE Directive 2012 and the WFD 2008 (Waste framework Directive 2008). For more information on changes done please see the document 'What's new with model 2' (see Guidance documents). The WF-RepTool administrator may do the relevant settings on which calculation model to be used and from which time.
  • Within the program you will be able to switch between 'model 1' ('old' WEEE Dir. 2002) and 'model 2' ('new' WEEE Dir.) - detailed information on how to 'convert' reports are provided in the user manual – reporter level (see User manuals).
  • For our WEEE operator clients the WF-RepTool administration has been adjusted to their needs, a slightly different WEEE operator version is provided to them – special features are explained in the 'regular' user manuals (see User manuals).