WF-RepTool is available in two types of licenses, Lite and Pro. With Lite license, you have a competent tool to document your own feeds as well as your suppliers. If you want to get more out of the downstream monitoring, have a more efficient approach and take advantage of the latest upgrades and features, you should choose the Pro license.

Both types of licenses are possible to have as hosted application or to be installed on your own server. For more information on installation requirements see our 'Information' menu.

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 Pro version of WF-RepTool includes all basic features from Lite but also includes additional features as (for details see 'Product comparison'):

  • Compare function
  • Summary reports
  • De-pollution reports
  • Controller tools
  • Upload attachments
  • Mailing feature
  • Agent feature
  • System specific background lists
  • Automatic protocol of modifications


If you have interest in the lite version of WF-RepTool please follow the link WF-RepTool Lite for additional information.


For a demo version of the WF-RepTool, click here