Please find below video tutorials we have produced for WF-RepTool users, the reporters. We split the videos to videos for 'beginners' (see 'basics') and 'advanced users' with more special questions.

In the left side column you will find 'full content videos', each explaining parts of the use of the WF-RepTool. In the middle and right side column you will find cut outs (see blue text) of the 'full content videos' giving you information on parts of the topics and additional short videos explaining special issues (see green text).

We are planning to add further videos on special question or FAQ's. Please let us know your questions ... and if they are going to be FAQ's ... we will add a video on it. Please use the 'Contact us' option for it.

Full content videos - basics  Short videos / cut outs Hints / tips / mistakes often done
How to start the very first report? (01:40) Help feature within the program (00:51)
How to identify a report? (10:27) Choose the calculation model for a report (00:58) How to choose the input fraction for a report? (02:04)
New terms for input fractions from 2018 (04:15)
Input remarks (00:21) Period of a report (00:35)
Kind of data remarks (00:26) How to choose the first step technology used? (01:01)
Attachments to a report (00:32)
How to fill in data on first fractions? (15:19) How to come to yield data? (01:02) Full documentation input - option to deduct (1:20)
How to find correct output fractions I? (05:16) Parts - pieces - fines (00:34)
Fraction found - how to find correct output fractions II? (01:25) Avoid fractions starting with other (00:31)
Yield data in amounts or shares (01:25) Help feature - check total (00:28)
Information on next treatment steps (15:04) Why names of acceptors? (01:37)
Traders (01:12) What to do if traders do not provide information? (00:51)
How to find the acceptor? (00:50) How to add an acceptor to list of acceptors? (02:18)
How to add an acceptor? (01:47)
How to find and choose the correct technology? (01:44) Interim <> final technologies (00:41)
Avoid technology used 'other' (01:34)
Several acceptors - shares of delivery (01:26) Edit or delete acceptor (00:52)
What means yield and what means composition? (01:42) Source of output and composition data (05:47)
Output / yield from next treatment steps (07:43) Output / yield data from next treatment steps - how to achieve/provide? (01:37) What to do if yield data are not available? (00:50)
Edit yield data (01:22) Some examples on yield data (02:05)
Fractions to final technologies I - components & shares (10:40) Choice of final technologies (02:58) Approve technology 'special' (00:58)
How to provide composition data? (03:40) Choice of component - fractions <> residues <> mixed fraction - disposal (04:25)
Shares of components (01:56)
Fractions to final technologies II - choose the use (08:49) How to choose the use of a component in a final technology (04:08) Target of use approach (04:25)
Examples on components and uses (02:29) Avoid the other use (01:35)
Edit compositon and use data (01:30)
What to count to recycling & recovery (MR/R, OMR, ER)? (15:03) Background & definitions, classification models (04:24)
MR/R, ER and OMR classification in model 1 & model 2 (03:58) Examples classification recycling (R) (model 2) (01:52)
Approvals (02:20) Finish - recycling & recovery rates (00:36)
Report ready? - options to check, help features (11:23) Final fractions 100 %? (01:25)
'Overview' - red frames (00:46) 'Overview' - red shades - manual re-calculation (03:14)
Automatic re-calculation of results (01:57) Option to collapse and expand (00:51)
Work with 'Inspect' (01:08) Report finished (00:27)
Set report to 'Done' (00:50)
Results (10:02) 'Overview' - the treatment tree, downstream documentation (00:53) Features in the 'Overview' - arrow: jump, stars: climb (01:10)
Options for 'Sort by relevance' & 'Full info' (00:53)
'Final' - list of final fractions (01:01) Use uniform term for no name of acceptor (00:40)
'Calculation' - Recycling & recovery rates (01:47) Why are there values under '???' (00:40)
'Analyze' - e.g. shares of components (02:30) Options to download data (03:07)
NEW20: Option to download R&R rates for interim fractions (03:13)
Working with the 'Graph' (08:40) Check a report with the 'Graph' (02:18)
Edit data via the 'Graph' - use of the 'Graph'-icons (02:49) Special 'Graph'-icon functions first treatment step (00:43)
Create a report with the 'Graph' (02:03) Option to highlight data in the ‘Graph’ (00:51)
Print 'Graph' (00:47) R&R rates for interim fractions (01:28)
Full content videos - advancedShort videos / cut outsHints / tips / mistakes often done
How to copy a report? (03:44) Choose the report to copy (00:45) Start with correct input weight (00:32)
Copy / paste new report (01:20) Copy to same or higher calculation model (01:01)
Shortcut to copy a report (01:57) No 1:1 copy of whole report (00:56)
Check actuality of results & acceptors (01:14) Option to copy report for other input fraction (00:46)
Change calculation model of report = convert a report (03:39) How to change the calculation model = how to convert a report? (01:14) Need to check converted report (02:11)
Packages (06:59) What is a package? (01:28)
How to create a package? (03:37) Rename/change code for package (00:56)
Extract a package from graph (01:26) Allow modifications of packages in report (01:50)
Option to copy a package (00:59) How to edit a package? (01:27)
How to use a package? (01:28) Use of package marked in report (00:58)
  List of package usage (01:39)  
Controller remarks ('pro' only) (07:23) What are controller remarks? (03:15) Answering controller remarks (01:44)
Searching controller remarks (00:53) Finishing controller remarks (01:02)
NEW19: Evaluation results ('pro' only) (08:25) What is the 'Evaluation' feature? (01:46) How to see all 'Evaluation' results? (03:59)
  Evaluation results in report & how to solve them? (02:28)  
NEW19: Inspection warnings (02:23) What are 'Inspection warnings'? (00:54) How to see 'Inspection warnings'? (01:23)
NEW19: Tasks (12:25) What is a task? (01:11)  
  How to set a task? (01:55)  
  How to fulfil a task? - open task or black box information (05:24) How to make the task content confidential? (black box information) (00:39)
  How to see if a task is used? (00:34) What task data are visible? (open <> confidential = black-box information) (01:19)
  Will tasks contents be copied with reports? (02:45)