With the WF-RepTool you will be able to fulfill the demands on the documentation of treatment results and the downstream monitoring of fractions as they are given in the WEEELABEX standard and it allows to calculate recycling and recovery rates in accordance with what is required in the WEEELABEX standard.

What does 'WEEELABEX' stand for?

WEEELABEX is the acronym (‘WEEE LABel of EXcellence’) of a project, run by the WEEE Forum in co-operation with stakeholders from the producers’ community and processing industry. Producers and recyclers associations are represented in both working groups and the project’s steering group (CECED, ELC and DIGITALEUROPE, and EERA). The project (2009-2012) is co-financed by the European Community under the LIFE programme (LIFE07 ENV/B/000041). It aims to design, on the one hand, a set of European standards with respect to the collection, sorting, storage, transportation, preparation for re-use, treatment, processing and disposal of all kinds of WEEE, and, on the other hand, a harmonised set of rules and procedures that will provide for conformity verification.

For more information on the WEEELABEX please have a look at the WEEE Forum website www.weee-forum.org and get more information under the point ‘WEEELABEX’

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