Guidance document - ‘What to count as recycling & recovery?’ (Dec. 2020)

Based on the often-discussed question within WF-RepTool users about what to count to recycling and recovery and a Commission Implementation Decision from December 2019 applicable for the calculation and reporting of treatment results of WEEE (depending on adoption by the member state from e.g. 2021), we summed up this guidance document on ‘What to count as recycling & recovery?’. It contains an overview on the legal background for the calculation of recycling and recovery rates and a cross-check if applicable definitions and rules are fulfilled within the WF-RepTool.
Readers not being interested in the background may start with point IV, page 10, the findings on what will be counted to recycling and recovery within the WF-RepTool (model classification – model 2).

Guidance document – issues of harmonization (update Dec. 2020)

The Guidance document – issues of harmonization has been updated with reference to rules from the Commission Implementation Decisions on waste and on WEEE and with new questions which came up the last years. This Guidance document shall provide help for:
  1. 'reporters' - who are on the way to create a report, it may be seen as content oriented information supporting the 'user manual – reporter level',

  2. 'controllers' - who have to check reports, assisting them with 'lessons learned' on possible mistakes done in other reports.

The Guidance document sums up principle questions discussed in the WF-RepTool expert group and lists quite some issues of harmonization, which should be considered to create or to check a report. It shall be seen as a working document and may be updated with new findings and if new questions are coming up in the future.
If you have any questions or remarks, please use the 'Contact us' option and let us know.


What's new with model 2 (Jan. 2014)

Core elements of 'new' calculation model = 'calculation model 2' = 'model 2' provided with the update version 4.0 (installed end of 2013) are a more stricter definition of 'recycling' [and with this the introduction of the term 'other material recovery' (OMR)] and adding preparing for re-use of whole appliances to total results [see included in recycling & recovery targets from period 2 of the WEEE Dir. 2012 (i.e. from Aug. 2015)].
For more information on changes done please see the document 'What's new with model 2' and a comparison of the 'old' and 'new' WF-RepTool model classification in 'WF-classification 2013-final - model 1&2.xls'.