The WF-RepTool foresees the ‘stepwise’ data determination of treatment processes like e.g. dismantling/de-pollution, shredding & separation, separation of fractions, application of final fractions in final treatment technologies.

With this the aggregation of all relevant data of the treatment chain shall be done and it shall be possible to follow whole treatment chain up to the final treatment process (full downstream monitoring).

The use within the final treatment process is the base for the classification of the individual application regarding preparing for re-use, recycling, recovery and disposal. For this the ‘WF-classification’ has been based on existing legal requirements, in case judgements of the European Court and on the knowledge of the technical experts of the WEEE Forum members. Additionally a ‘national classification’ may be applied taking into account any different interpretations in the individual countries.

Results like  re-use and recycling as well as recovery results in amounts [tons] and rates [%] are calculated on base of this classification (WF-classification, national classification) and by a uniform formula of calculating results.


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  • Detailed manuals
  • Instructional videos
  • Controller tools
  • Mail function
business-contact graf
  • Extensive FAQ
  • Individual training on request
  • Tools for analyzing data
  • Graphical flowchart


  • Inspect function
  • Upload verification documents
  • ‘Stepwise’ data determination of treatment processes 
  • Full downstream monitoring
  • ‘Packages’ for automatic supplementing


  • Reports on final fractions delivered
  • Final acceptors & technologies
  • Recycling & recovery rates 
  • Export as pdf-formats or as Excel
  • Export and import reports to other installation



  • Multiple language support
  • High integrity
  • Option for confidential tasks



  • Easy settings
  • Simple user managament
  • Extensive database of
    • classifications
    • technologies
    • interim & final fractions
    • input fractions