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The WEEE Forum, an association of WEEE producer responsibility organisations, has developed a database application, WF-RepTool, to determine treatment results for WEEE in a transparent, traceable manner and to achieve comparable results. 

It is a tool that allows to calculate recycling and recovery rates in accordance with what is required in the WeeeLabex standard.

The focus lies on the determination of de-pollution results of WEEE and – as main target - on the determination of recycling and recovery results to be able to compare results achieved with targets rates given by the legal requirements.

The WF-RepTool is built up on 4 ‘pillars’ of the 4 background lists (the WF-RepLists).

  • Input fractions
  • Technologies used
  • Output fractions
  • WF-classification

The four background lists provide uniform names for the use in the tool and – as one of the key elements - the classification of the use of fractions (or its individual components) in final treatment processes applied.


Key features & benefits



  • Controller tools
  • Controlling comments on report items
  • ‘Stepwise’ data determination of treatment processes 
  • Full downstream monitoring


  • Reports on final fractions delivered
  • Final acceptors & technologies
  • Recycling & recovery rates 
  • Export as pdf-formats or as Excel
  • Export and import reports to other installations

Used by leading companies all over Europe

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