Please find below the video tutorials we have produced to demonstrate how auditors may use the WF-RepTool in their daily work.

Video 1 'Introduction to WF-RepTool website' – explanation on the information provided at the WF-RepTool website e.g. general presentation, user manuals, FAQs, guidance documents, background for the classification of recycling, recovery or disposal and introduction of the demo version.

Video 2 'WF-RepTool reports and useful help features' – explanation on the structure and content of WF-RepTool reports, how do we come to the classification as recycling, recovery or disposal?

Video 3 'How to look at WF-RepTool reports and get data for audits ' – short hints on how to check a report, how to get data for control and/or how to get WF-RepTool data 'out' of the IT application.

We planning to add further short videos on special question or FAQ's. Following videos are planned:
- What are controller remarks?

Please let us know your questions ... and if they are going to be FAQ's ... we will add a video on it. Please use the 'Contact us' option for it.