Basic information

general information on the principle, targets of WF-RepTool

The WF-RepTool is as software application for the reporting of de-pollution and treatment results of WEEE and to calculate recycling and recovery rates achieved.
Target of the WF-RepTool is to report de-pollution and treatment results of WEEE in a uniform way and to do the calculation of recycling and recovery rates in an agreed way; main target is to achieve comparable results of treatment of WEEE.
A WF-RepTool report is a document/file (a database entry) of aggregated data about the treatment of WEEE.
No, the WF-RepTool starts with amounts delivered to and treated by the treatment partner, you should have a separate tracing & accounting software or procedure.

Main sources of information are:
* search the FAQ's for your questions, use e.g. terms you are looking for in the searching option for FAQ's
* a general overview is given under Information - Presentations
* detailed user manuals (reporter level and system/administrator level) are provided under Information - User manuals
* guidelines on the usage of WF-RepTool as well as further information on the technical content you may find under Information - Guidance documents

The original version of the WF-RepTool is done in English language; you may install further languages via the administration tool.
At present following translations are available:
- French
- German
- Spanish
- Italian
- Romanian

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