The WF-RepTool's native and official language is English and it's strongly recommended to use the WF-RepTool in this language!

Currently existing translations of the background lists ("WF-RepLists") and the WF-RepTool surface are:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Romanian

Those existing translations are included in the WF-RepTool und you may use them in the same way as the English version. In case of dispute, the English version of WF-RepLists is always leading. The WEEE Forum has no responsibility for the quality of translations and has no obligation to update translations.

If you desire to have the WF-RepLists and the WF-RepTool surface translated into another language, please use our contact form.

As the WF-RepLists are THE core quality of the WF-RepTool on the one hand and there are no monetary funds for doing translations on the other hand, we have to be quite restrictive in the handling of translations. Therefore please have following points in mind if you are planning to do a translation:

  • All translations have to be done under supervision of the WEEE Forum.
  • The translator is financially responsible for the costs of translation and for the costs related to the technical work in view of the translation. "Technical work" includes the provision of the basics required for translation.
  • The WF-RepTool including the WF-RepLists are under permanent development, so the maintenance of a translation is a kind of 'ever-lasting' work. The translator is also financially responsible for translations of updates of the WF-RepLists and the WF-RepTool surface.
  • All translations shall be provided to the WEEE Forum. In the same ways as the English version of WF-RepLists is property of the WEEE Forum all translations are automatically property of the WEEE Forum too.
  • The WEEE Forum may provide the translations for use to others in any way without notifying the translator.