For providing you the chance to check the features of the WF-RepTool, we have put several demo datasets to a demo version of the WF-RepTool (of course our 'Pro' version).

You will find reports on WEEE input categories collected and treated on behalf of most WEEE systems in Europe:

  • 'large equipment' (or the sub group 'large household appliances')
  • 'cooling and freezing appliances' (a sub group of 'temperature exchange equipment')
  • 'screens, monitors and equipment containing screens' (or sub groups of them for CRT or FPD)
  • 'small equipment' (incl. or excl. small IT&T equipment)
  • 'lamps' (or sub groups of them)

Be aware that these are only demo data sets, not any average data for 'Europe'.
This is a 'read only' version. You may check out nearly all features to e.g. search & change the names fractions, technologies, classification etc. but you may not save these changes.
You may have a look at the 'Overview' of data as a 'treatment tree', the flow chart of treatment steps in the 'Graph', the summary of final fractions in 'Final' and the final results in 'Calculation' and 'Analyze' with the calculated recycling and recovery results [t] and rates [%]. In Calculation you may 'sort' your results to your needs, in 'Analyze' you may filter them to your interest (use the tick boxes!).

Have fun to play around!


Follow this link to check out our demo version.

demo link 




If you need more information to understand the options provided, please see the 'manual – reporter level' (under 'Information' > 'User manuals').