Please find below video tutorials we have produced for WF-RepTool administrators. We split the videos to videos for ‘First working steps’ and for Features as 'System user’.

In the left side column you will find ‘full content videos’ each explaining parts of the administration of the WF-RepTool. In the middle and right side column you will find cut outs (see blue text) of the ‘full content videos’ giving you information on parts of the topics and additional short videos explaining special issues or giving hints (see green text).

We are planning to add further videos on special question or FAQ's. Please let us know your questions ... and if they are going to be FAQ's ... we will add a video on it. Please use the 'Contact us' option for it.

First working steps  Short videos / cut outs Hints / news
Access options, first working steps (02:36)    
Administration, adding users (14:04) Identify your WEEE system / company (00:37)  
  System users (02:47) Hint: Several system users (00:29)
  Treatment partners (02:29) Hint: Contracted treatment partners + active treatment operators of your country (00:34)
  Add a new treatment partner (03:53) Hint: Treatment partner per plant (00:32)
  Add users at treatment partners (02:44) Hint: Several users at treatment partners (00:59)
  List of users (00:43)  
Configuration = do settings to your needs! (15:02) Update background lists (01:09)  
  Installed languages (01:18)  
  Calculation model (00:35)  
  System-specific background-lists (00:22)  
  Legal Disclaimer (00:22)  
  Use WEEE Forum packages? (01:06)  
  Use agent feature? (‘Pro’ only) (01:13)  
  Use mailing feature ? (‘Pro’ only) (01:54)  
  Use file-upload ? (‘Pro’ only) (00:31)  
  Use sampling results? (00:44)  
  Download and upload of reports? (00:45)  
  Copy tasks content on "Copy previous" (01:28)  
  Copy packages content on "Copy previous" (00:34)  
  Preserve expand/collapse state of report overview (00:37)  
  Sort output fractions (00:29)  
  Report groups (00:38)  
  Edit configuration and update (00:30)  
Inspection rules (03:36) What are 'Inspection rules'? (01:48) How to see results from 'Inspection rules'? (01:29)
Features as 'System user' Short videos / cut outs Hints / news
Evaluation ('pro' only) (10:03) What is the purpose of 'Evaluation'? (03:45) Evaluation options - some examples (07:16)
  How to do the 'Evaluation'? (04:33)  
  How to see 'Evaluation' results? (01:15)  
Controller remarks ('pro' only) (11:23) What are controller remarks? (02:38)  
  How to set controller remarks? (04:48)  
  Where to see controller remarks? (01:18)  
  How to work with and to delete controller remarks? (02:12)