The expert group today consist mainly of individuals representing the system users of the WF-RepTool. In addition to representatives from the system users we have representatives from the WEEE Forum and a consultant on board. The consultant works mainly with project management, training and production of educational material as well as creation and maintenance of background data and system development.

In addition to this working group, we also try to get input from reporters and on occasion we invite the representatives to reviews and participation in working groups. 

The group members is responsible for development of the tool, planning for future features and to maintain the support for WF-RepTool, mainly conveyed through this website.

We can contribute with knowledge of implementation, operation and maintenance as well as provide expert advice regarding treatment and classifications.

Our mission is to evolve WF-RepTool, spread knowledge and provide support regarding the use of WF-RepTool.

 The members of the expert group that are representatives from WEEE Forum member systems participate on voluntary basis with no finacial compensation.


Members of the expert group:


potrait fredrik

Name: Fredrik Benson

Role WF-RepTool: Moderator & WF-RepTool expert

WEEE system: El-Kretsen AB, Sweden

Implemented WF-RepTool: 2008

Reporter / interval: Treatment partner / annual

Expertise: WEEE collection, IT & tool usability


Name: Lorenzo Glorie

Role WF-RepTool: WF-RepTool-expert

WEEE system: Recupel, Belgium

Implemented WF-RepTool: 2005

Reporter / interval: Treatment partner / annual

Expertise: WEEE Treatment, Reporting to Authorities, Audit & Control


Name: Renate Gabriel - retired since 1st March, 2022

Role WF-RepTool: Consultant for development and adaptation regarding content issues, training lessons, check of reports

Company: Bureau for Technical Environmental Protection

Expertise: Projects on WEEE collection & treatment in Austria since 1995; numerous studies on WEEE collection, treatment, organisation and documentation; waste management consultant for the WEEE Forum


Name: Willi Haghofer

Role WF-RepTool: Software developer / IT support

Company: Haghofer Software Engineering

Expertise: System engineering, software design and development


Name: LucĂ­a Herreras

Role WF-RepTool: liaison with WEEE Forum

Company: WEEE Forum aisbl, Belgium

Implemented WF-RepTool: N/A

Expertise: WEEE treatment audits, WEEE treatment, compliance.


Name: Pascal Leroy

Role WF-RepTool: Legal matters, liaison with WEEE Forum

Company: WEEE Forum aisbl, Belgium