Advanced use - special issues for organisation and creating reports

agent feature, tasks, packages

The WF-RepTool provides the option for the 'agent feature' (>> see user manual - system level, point 3.2.5, PRO version). For each agent you may decide about the rights if 'the agent' (main contractor) may see reports of the sub-contractors and/or may fill in reports for the sub-contractor (>> see user manual - reporter level cjhapter 14, PRO version)
You may set a task by choosing the option ‘Data are confidential and provided by the acceptor’ (>> see user manual - reporter level, point 8.2.2.)
The task sender stays responsible to get data in, to ask the task addressee to provide data
Task data may be filled in by new data or by a package prepared by the task addressee; the task addressee may decide if he fulfils this task as 'open task' (= showing all data to the task sender) or as 'black box information' (= showing only total results to the task sender) (>> see user manual - reporter level, point 8.5.1.)
(see What are 'optional' steps of administration? - What are 'optional' steps of administration?)
The WEEE system / WF-RepTool access administrator may decide if task contents are taken over from a report to a copied report (>> see user manual - system level, point 3.2.8.); in principle you should update a task for each (annual) report as new amounts/weights will be forwarded and treatment of this material has to be approved by the acceptor with actual data (e.g. new technologies used)
A package may be generated by (>> see user manual - reporter level, point 11.1.2.):
* the treatment partner who may create a package for his own use - to use this dataset in several reports / at several places of a report or to fulfil a task
* the WEEE system / WF-RepTool access administrator may create a package and may also decide by whom this package may be used - by the 'one' treatment operator for whom it/he generates the package or by all actors having access to his WF-RepTool application sending the OUTPUT fraction to 'this one' treatment operator)
* for some WEEE fractions very often forwarded via 'traders' (and no information are given) the WEEE Forum has put together 'general packages' (called 'WEEE Forum packages') without giving the information on the acceptor
You may generate a package by:
- filling it up with new data
- by extracting data from existing reports
(>> see user manual - reporter level, point 11.3.2.)
If a package is available for any OUTPUT fraction (WF-RepTool code), you will see the option to insert the package in a separate choice option (>> see user manual - reporter level, point 11.5.)
With the menu option 'Summaries' you may filter/select/choose several report to do any total result; you may choose on base of all database contents; the total result will be show and you may export to Excel (and with this to any other application e.g. html) for further work.
Main difference to a 'summary report' (PRO version) is that you will NOT generate any new report with 'Summaries'.