Installation, update & costs

Installation, update & costs

You may order the WF-RepTool under 'Purchase'

Yes, please try first our demo version under 'Purchase - Demo version'.
If you still are not convinced after checking the demo, we may also prepare a hosted trial version on our server for you. Go throug our regular ordering procedure by selecting 'Purchase - Order Now' and in the second step 'Order' select the checkbox 'I don't want to buy now - please prepare a trial version first' at the bottom of the form. Finish the order procedure and we will prepare your trial version.

You may choose to get the WF-RepTool installed:
* at your own server (see How can I get the WF-RepTool installed at my own server?)
* at a sector of the WF-RepTool server (see How can I get the WF-RepTool installed at a sector of the WF-RepTool server?)

Purchase the desired WF-RepTool version via 'Purchase - Order now' and you will be provided with an installation package. Please see also the server requirements ('Information - Installation requirements') first.

You may order the 'hosted version', for costs for hosting your data see 'Purchase - Pricing'
Please look for details at our website under 'Purchase - Pricing' - different costs to be considered are:
* one-off entry fee - for license, installation
* annual costs - planned for ongoing development, keeping the tool up-to-date to legal requirements and wishes of the users
* optional costs for 'hosted version'
Please follow our news at the WF-RepTool website. You may update the background lists you are working with from time to time (see user manual - system level, point 3.2.1.).