Confidentiality, proof of data

more principle questions - confidentiality, providing proof

No, only you as WEEE system / company who uses the WF-RepTool server sector (see Where can the WF-RepTool be installed?) will see your own data, data of your treatment partners.
Also the WEEE Forum has no access to your data.
The WF-RepTool IT manager may look into your data to check if e.g. the installation of any new WF-RepTool version was successful. He works under a clear confidentiality agreement.

Following options are given:
* inform all actors that treatment partners/'reporters' will not see data from any other treatment partner
* guarantee confidentiality of data e.g. by contract between treatment partner and WEEE system / WF-RepTool access administrator, staff members and/or charged experts or auditors of the WEEE system / WF-RepTool access administrator will have to sign a confidentiality agreement
* in case (e.g. not for hazardous wastes) agree that a code for the name of the acceptor will be used and only any independent auditor will check the name of the acceptor (cross check e.g. with delivery documents, check e.g. technology given)
Yes, in general all data should be proofed by e.g. delivery documents, information about the next step treatment including yield of fractions, their composition and their use (technology); this proof of data may be limited e.g. for pure metal fractions, fractions having reached the end-of-waste criteria.

Agree with the WEEE system / WF-RepTool access administrator if to provide proofs in the office or to upload proofs to the WF-RepTool - see video Attachments to a report under Videos for reporters.