How to administrate the WF-RepTool?

manage companies and users, select options of use, ...

The WF-RepTool consist of 2 parts (see video Access options, first working steps under Videos for administrators):
* the administration of the WF-RepTool with which you may 'adjust' the WF-RepTool to your needs (see What are the 'necessary' first steps of administration?)
* the input of data to reports (see What are the first steps to create a report?)

For the first steps of administration see the video Administration, adding users under Videos for administrators and cut outs for individual topics.
Necessary first steps are:
* identify your WEEE system / company
* define the WF-RepTool access administrator and internal users
* insert treatment partners
* choose languages to be installed and the language for system/administration users
(see 'optional' steps under What are 'optional' steps of administration?)

You may generate a list of persons from your WEEE system/your company who shall have access to the WF-RepTool, you may distinguish rights of use - see video System users under Videos for administrators.

You may generate a list of treatment operators to be shown in the choice (scroll down) for the names of possible acceptors of WEEE fractions (see/search videos on 'treatment partners' under Videos for administrators).
A recommendation: define all relevant treatment operators for WEEE being very well known and active in your country or abroad to avoid double registration by treatment operators.
Additionally you provide WF-RepTool access to treatment partners who shall report via the WF-RepTool by providing a login & password (see video Add users at treatment partners under Videos for administrators).

Of course it is possible that one company is running different plants and different kinds of technologies but:
* take care & check if they are not only 'collectors'/'traders' forwarding the fractions to other companies (ask for physical operators) or
* ask for/foresee/do a multiple registration of the 'mega-company' per plant (per site and technology)
(see also What can I do if the 'waste collector' / 'trader' does not tell the name of the acceptor/s?)

Yes, you may define several WF-RepTool users (name, login, password) per treatment partner (see video Add users at treatment partners under Videos for administrators). The treatment partner has to ask at the WEEE system / WF-RepTool access administrator - there is no standardized way.

For all 'optional' steps of administration see the overview video Configuration = do settings to your needs! and individual cut outs under Videos for administrators.
Some examples of necessary administration are:
* choose and/or fix the calculation model to be used (video Calculation model)
* decide about if WEEE Forum packages may be used (video Use WEEE Forum packages?)
* decide about to allow the upload of attachments (video Use file-upload?)
* decide about to allow the download and upload of reports (video Download and upload of reports?)
* decide about if tasks contents are taken over with copying reports (video Copy tasks content on "Copy previous")