Control of reports

hints on the control of reports

Yes, the WF-RepTool 'only' provides the structure to fill in treatment results and data will be aggregated for any control >>> the completeness, correctness and plausibility of data has to be checked.

Any person who has very good knowledge on WEEE treatment and on the use of WF-RepTool e.g.:
* staff of WEEE system / WF-RepTool access administrator
* a charged expert / auditor

You should control:
* in principle each report you ask for
* if you ask for a report period lower than one year, you might distinguish routine checks and detail checks, you should at least do a detail check once a year (and give feedback e.g. by controller remarks)
* you may offer the option to check any new report (e.g. new structure) provided by the treatment partner when he has created a new one

Controllers as well reporters get help to control a report by entries under the menu 'Inspect'.
Here issues breaking 'Inspection rules' or 'Evaluation rules' are listed.
Breaking inspection rules or evaluation rules will be also shown in:
- the 'Overview' when choosing 'Warnings from automatic inspection'
- the 'Graph' with a red frame at the symbol and the warning when moving the mouse over the symbol